Happy Trails Stables

648 Honesdale Road
648 Honesdale Road
Waymart, PA 18436-1847
Phone: (570) 698-6996
Fax: (570) 488-6996
Price Range: $34.00 - $34.00
Let our Knowledgeable and Friendly trail guides make your riding experience an enjoyable one. All our guides are well trained in ALL aspects of horsemanship, and would be happy to answer ANY questions you may have regarding your trail ride. Our riding center is PROUD of its emphasis on safety, as well as the Professionalism, Patience and Kindness of our Trail Guides! We want to make your visit with us as wonderful an experience as it can be! Before leaving for your trail you are given basic instructions on Reining, Body Position, and general tips on Horsemanship. Trails are available for the experienced as well as first time rider. Horses are CAREFULLY chosen based on the riders experience and ability in horsemanship.

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