Capra/Collina Vineyard

132 Constitution Avenue
Jessup, PA
Phone: (570) 489-0489
Fax: (570) 383-9050
The Capra Collina Vineyard is located in Mt. Pleasant Township along Route 247 and was established in 1999. We have been winemakers for many years before the idea of planting our own vineyard dawned on us. We learned the art of winemaking from our parents who, in turn had learned the art from their parents back through untold generations in the Provinces of Umbria and Marche in the east-central portion of the Italian Peninsula. Eventually we hope to reap harvest of about 1,000 gallons roughly between white wines and red wines. Our featured white variety will be Traminette, while our featured red variety will be Cabernet Franc.

Although the vineyard is in Wayne County, we maintain our cellars and retail outlet at 132 Constitution Avenue in Jessup, PA.
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